Can Kenji

Attracted by the referential Catalan cuisine and famous cooks, in 2003 Kenji Ueno arrives in Barcelona from his hometown Kyoto. Just landed, Kenji joins Satoru Miyano, and from his time spent in the restaurant with the same name, which was a mix between Japanese, French and Mediterranean cuisine, he digs deeper into the author creative cuisine.

After this early contact, Kenji goes on expanding his experience in many influential Japanese restaurants in Barcelona. Meanwhile in 2006, along with his wife Neus, he launches the company Izayaka catering, where his own vision of japanese cuisine gets realized.

It was then when he first conceived the idea of settling in his own restaurant where he could develop his previous experiences as a cook as well as his own vision of a Japanese restaurant.

Can Kenji opened doors in 2010, a restaurant inspired in Japanese traditional taverns known as Izayakas where different courses are shared amongst the guests.

Can Kenji, following traditional Izayaka, serves Japanese food with influences of author cuisine inspired by gastronomic fusion and conditioned by local and seasonal products. 
You can eat traditional Japanese courses, which may be difficult to find in menus of other Japanese restaurants in town, as well as a selection of conventional Japanese and Mediterranean reinterpreted dishes.

Can Kenji is a quiet and small restaurant where time seems to stop for enjoying the stay, where the order in which the courses are eaten is less important and where the experience of eating becomes an original degustation of tapas that leaves no one indifferent.

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Can Kenji on the Tv

Karakia C33 26/05/2013

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Connexió Barcelona BTV 06/12/2012

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Newspapers and magazines

Què Fem

…”Kenji Ueno, natiu de Kyoto, va obrir no fa ni un any el que, per petició popular, s’ha convertit en un dels referents a tenir en compte quan es parla de cuina japonesa a Barcelona”…

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La Vanguardia

…”I, de fet és aquesta gran varietat culinària que ell, com a japonès, troba a faltar més del seu país. Una de les referències per al Hiroshi es Can kenji”…

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El Periódico

…”Kenji Ueno vol deixar clar el liquat o l’amalgama des del nom del’establiment: Can Kenji. Un Japonès a la catalana, bé tampoc no exagerem el compromís amb el veïnat: l’estil nipó entreviat amb el mediterrani”…

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Revista Cuina

…”En kenji versiona la cuina japonesa amb tocs mediterranis, en forma d’escalivada, porc ibèric, risotto o salmorejo”…

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Time Out magazine

…”En un espai reduït, però suficient, aquesta izakaya (taverna japonesa) brinda alguns plats que freguen la perfecció, com l’hamburguesa Can Kenji, on es resumeixen no se sap si els set pecats capitals, perquè ells afortunadament no els tenen en compte, però sí tot el que al bon comensal li agrada rebre a la boca: una explosió de plaer”…

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Barcelona Metropolitan

…”Can Kenji serves exactly the kind of fare you might expect to find in such a place in Tokyo. Sushi naturally, along with what is possibly the best sashimi in town, aided by soy sauce so delectable I could have drunk it by the wine glass full”…

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Location, timing, reservations


Can kenji is in carrer Rosselló 325, between carrer Bailén and Passeig de Sant Joan at the neighborhood of the Eixample, Barcelona. The telephone number to make a reservation or if you have any question is the +34 93 476 18 23


We are open every week day dinner time starts at 13:00 noon until 15:30, at night we are open from 20:30 until 23:00. We open on festivity days as well, check the homepage on this website for news and updates about opening times.


Can Kenji has 10 tables for approximately 30 people and also a small counter for 7 people more which is excluded from reservations. We strongly recommend you to call in advance to the phone number above to book your table.

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Sake 日本酒

Selection of japanese import sake

Shochu 焼酎

Iichiko (wheat)

Shiranami (sweet potato)

Ikkomon (sweet potato)

Japanese cocktails 和風カクテル

Maccha milk (Green tea liquor with milk)

Shiso tonic (Perilla liquor with tonic)

Beer ビール



Moritz alcohol free
モリッツ ノンアルコール

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Red wine 赤ワイン

Red wine 赤ワイン

Jaspi Negre 2010 / Montsant (Garnacha, Cariñena, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah)

Coca i Fitó 2009 / Montsant (Syrah, Garnacha, Cariñena)

Mes Que Paraules Negre / Pla de Bages (Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Tocat de l’Ala 2011 / Empordà (Garnacha, Cariñena)

Formiga / Priorat (Garnacha, Cariñena, Syrah)

Londoño Crianza / Rioja (Ojo de Liebre)

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Rosé ロゼワイン

Rosé ロゼワイン

Coca i Fitó Coca i Fitó Rosa 2011 / Montsant (Syrah)

Libido Rosado 2011 / Navarra (Garnacha)

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The wines

White wine 白ワイン

991’n Macabevs / Montsant (Macabeu)

Valldolina Xarel·lo 2011 / Penedes (Xarel·lo)

Tayaimgut Blanc 2011 / Penedes (White Sauvignon)

Sauvignon Blanc 2011 / Penedes (White Sauvignon)

Molí dels Capellans Parellada / Conca de Barberà (Parellada, Muscat)

Jaspi Blanc 2011 / Terra Alta (White Garnatxa, Macabeu)

Trascampanas 2011 / Rueda (Verdejo)

Lagar de Costa 2011 / Rias Baixas (Albariño)

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Catering, Bento and take away

You can take to your place any of our meals and drinks in our menu, just phone us make your order and come to pick it up.

We also make obentos (弁 当 o べんとう) japanese home cooking served in a bentōbako (弁 当 箱), a try with small slots where the food is distributed, perfect for sharing.

For information on our catering services call the +34 93 476 18 23 or send an email to

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The daily menu & the tasting menu

Daily menu


Can Kenji Burger
Iberian pork with ginger sauce
Teriyaki salmon
Mackerel stewed with miso
Duch and scallions sautéed with miso
Grilled monkfish dice


Green tea ice cream
Azuki ice cream
Fruit salad
Dessert of the day

Drink, rice, miso soup, dessert or coffee included.

Tasting Menu

3 dishes + half portion of sushi
4 dishes + half portion of sushi
3 dishes + full portion of sushi

Dishes to choose

1 dish:
Green peas tofu with mixed mushrooms 

Miso soup

2 dishes:
Cold sōmen noodles with grilled aubergine and pork meat

Grilled porcini risotto onigiri

3 dishes:
Grilled sirloin steak with ponzu and onion sauce
Grilled mackerel marinated with say sauce and mirin

Teriyaki salmon
Japanese mushrooms and vegetables caking

4 dishes:
Shitake tempura filled with prawns

Bonito tataki with salmorejo

Dessert, coffee or tea included. Drinks not included.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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The Sushi

Nigiri assortment

Salmon and tuna maki

Sushi assortment

Sashimi assortment

Sushi cake with mackerel

Sushi cake with prawns

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Our dishes

Green peas tofu with mixed mushrooms

Monkfish liver tofu with wakame seaweed 
and ponzu sauce

Horse mackerel tartar salad with white 
miso vinaigrette

Marinated fish salad in spicy sauce

Marinated duck spring roll

Bonito tataki with salmorejo

Tuna tataki with guacamole

Horse tataki

Duck tataki

Oriental steak tartar

Shiitake tempura filled with prawns

Japanese mushrooms Kakiage

Sardine tempura with aubergine purée, 
miso and anchovies

Grilled mackerel marinated with soy sauce and mirin

Beef sweetbread caramelized with balsamic vinaigrette 
and honey

Iberian pork sautéed with kimuchi

Fried cow tongue and asparagus

Prawns, asparagus, dried tomato and idiazábal cheese 

Chicken curry skewer with yogurt and mint sauce

Duck and scallions sautéed with miso

Can Kenji burger / with foie

Duck maigret / with foie

Grilled sirloin steak with ponzu and onion sauce

Grilled monkfish with sautéed vegetables and ponzu sauce

Grilled porcini risotto onigiri

Udon noodles sautéed with squid and clams

Cold sōmen noodles with grilled aubergine and
pork meat

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Green tea ice cream

Azuki ice cream (sweet bean)

Pineapple and coconut sorbet

Sweet potato crème caramel

Chocolate japanese Dorayaki pancake
どらやき (チョコレート)

Azuki japanese Dorayaki pancake
どらやき (小豆)

White truffle with perilla liquor

Green tea and Baileys tiramisú

Fruit jelly with shiratama (glutinous rice)

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Horaris homepage En

Open monday to sunday from 13:00 to 15:30 and from 20:30 until 23:00.

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Situación, horarios, reservas


Can Kenji se encuentra en la calle Rosselló 325, entre la calle Bailén y el Passeig de Sant Joan, en el barrio del Eixample de Barcelona, el teléfono para reservas o bien para cualquier consulta es el 93 476 18 23


Abrimos todos los días de la semana, para comer desde las 13:00 del mediodía hasta las 15:30 de la tarde, y la cena de las 20:30 de la noche hasta las 23:00.
También abrimos los festivos. Puedes consultar las novedades en la página de inicio de esta web.


Disponemos de 10 mesas con capacidad para unas 30 personas y también de una pequeña barra con lugar para 7 personas más que queda excluida de reserva.
Recomendamos llamar al teléfono que se indica más arriba para hacer una reserva.

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